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Audio Post Production

Foley . Sound Design . Dialogue Editing . ADR 

We offer a bespoke service, recording and creating original sounds. Thinking outside the box and using innovative techniques to create a soundscape that is unique to each project, this is supplemented by access to an extensive sound effects library.

We will work through your dialogue paying close attention to detail and edit to your specific requirements. If you have unusable audio dialogue, you can use DM Sound Design resources for automatic dialogue replacement (ADR)..

Voice Overs . Final Mix

Casting, recording and synchronising your voice overs. You're invited along to the casting process to ensure we find the right voice for your project. We work in collaboration with a number of actors making use of an extensive network.You can be sure to find the right voice for your project. 

Editing and processing, mixing and mastering. Using state of the art equipment along with extensive experience in audio production ensuring your project meets broadcast standards.



DM Sound Design offers live, synth, sample based and full orchestral compositions. Original pieces of work constructed in collaboration with talented songwriters, singers and orchestrators. For bespoke music please contact to discuss your requirements.

We collaborate with ClearWave Music, a subsidiary of BMG for an extensive catalogue of library music, if you wish to licence an existing piece of production music click below to browse the catalogue.