Learning Music Tech in a Pandemic

The fortitude of students.

With results day looming, I am reflecting on the past couple of years of the Music technology A Level course and the challenges faced by my students. Lockdowns prevented them from having access to the hardware and software used on the course, some were lucky enough to have access to software at home but the vast majority didn't, and yet they rolled up their sleeves and persevered, working hard to make up for lost time when the college reopened. 

This also makes me reflect on the amazing facilities available at Luton Sixth Form College. Those of you who know me know I get about and have worked in some of the best studio facilities around the world, so believe me when I say the music department in Luton Sixth Form College really is 1st rate! There is a commitment to upgrade whenever necessary giving students an experience akin to working in commercial recording studios. 

I am proud to work in an institution that shows such commitment to student achievement and experience, especially in these times when arts funding is cut left right and centre. I am also especially proud of my students who despite the challenges, carried on working and creating. I wish you all the best! #musictechnology #music #technology #students #resultsday

Written by David Asomaning of DM Sound Design