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Sound Design - Driving the Narrative - Munich

The importance of sound design in driving narrative, beautifully demonstrated in 'Munich' by Spielberg and Ben Burtt and commented on by Evan Puschak creator of The Nerdwriter.  #sounddesign #art #filmmaking Another example of stellar sound design by the greats. Fully appreciated by us here at DM Sound Design

Learning Music Tech in a Pandemic

The fortitude of students.
With results day looming, I am reflecting on the past couple of years of the Music technology A Level course and the challenges faced by my students. Lockdowns prevented them from having access to the hardware and software used on the course, some were lucky enough to have access to software at home but the vast majority didn't, and yet they rolled up their sleeves and persevered, working hard to make up for lost time when the college reopened. 
This also makes me reflect on the amazing facilities available at Luton Sixth Form College. Those of you who know me know I get about and have worked in some of the best studio facilities around the world, so believe me when I say the music department in Luton Sixth Form College really is 1st rate! There is a commitment to upgrade whenever necessary giving students an experience akin to working in commercial recording studios. 
I am proud to work in an institution that shows such commitment to student

Stellar sound design - A Monster Calls

Looking back over examples of stellar sound design. Here's Mike Beer on A Monster Calls. Great work.  #sounddesign #art 

Fully appreciated by us here at

Research Corner - The Music of Africa and it's influence

British Music Production 
In What Ways Has West African Music Influenced British Music Production andCultural Identity for British People of African Descent?
David Asomaning wrote a short research paper as part of his studies at the University of Westminster posing this question, in a nutshell the answer is 'profoundly' a continuing trend in 2021. 
Previous studies have detailed the links between musical styles found on the continent of Africaand the music of African Americans; principally because of the relative ease in mapping thetransatlantic slave route responsible for the dissemination of familiar musical practice found inAfrica. This study looks at the ways in which music from the western region of Africa has influencedBritish music production and cultural identity for British people of African decent. It takes intoconsideration it’s historical and present impact with regard to structure, including notation, timeand meter as well as

Research Corner - One size fits all?

At DM Sound Design, we realise the importance continued evolution and learning, with that said we are happy to share research projects conducted primarly by David Asomaning and colleagues, as well as interesting artices and videos from the world of sound design and music technology. 
Below is a pilot study conducted on Aesthetically Pleasing Frequencies by David Asomaning whilst studying for his Masters at NYU. He tries to identify a set of frequencies to manipulate in order to create the ‘best mix’ regardless of musical genre. Enjoy. 
My primary focus in the field of music technology has been production and recording until recently. For many years I have had a latent interest in how music affects us on an emotional and physical level, therefore when I was introduced to the research field of music cognition, my interest was piqued. The study of music perception and cognition (MPC) is generally focused on the mental and cognitive processes of musical events. It exa