DM Sound Design regularly collaborates with a large network  of audio professionals in order to meet a clients every need!

David Asomaning is a founding member of DM Sound Design Ltd. He has a Masters Degree Music Technology from NYU and a Post Graduate Certificate in Audio Production from Westminster University to accompany his Honours degree in Marketing. As a drummer and composer/sound engineer David has over 10 years of experience in the sound and music industry. He has worked with Entertainment Company Strictly Bizzness Entertainment and earned production credits on album and single releases. Whilst in this role David produced tracks that received airplay on national radio and claimed a top 10 spot in the charts on a BBC Radio 1 show.  David was able to secure a distribution deal through Absolute Marketing and Distribution (AMD) via Universal Music Group. Through work as a sound designer and composer David has worked on a number of award winning films, adverts and theatre productions for radio. Currently David works as a foley artist on films whilst scoring orchestral compositions and working on an albums with commercial artists.

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